Jenni Luu

Meet the Craftologist

My passion is hand crafting from scratch or using pre-made objects to make it unique.  My craft projects includes anything from clothes, artwork, toys, food, and even skincare. My other passion is passing on what I have learned to other people.  With a degree in Fashion Design, designing and sourcing fashion accessories for over 15 years and leading a  Girl Scout troop for the last 3 years, I have tons of ideas to keep the students engaged and interested in each of the sessions. 

I also offer lessons to adults who are interested in learning to sew or would like to learn any kind of handcrafted projects.   Pinterest has opened a whole new world for creative minds.  If there is a project that you would like to make and don't know where to start, we could work on it together. The possibilities are endless.

Handcrafted lessons